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A Note From Third Generation Owner of World Publishing, Rufus Woods

Rufus Woods

The single most important thing we can do in these tough economic times is to make a personal commitment to keeping as much money as possible in our local communities. How do we do this? We make a concerted to effort to always think, shop and play local first.

When we choose to purchase shoes for example, from a local retailer rather than an online catalog, our money not only supports the business owner and their employees, it also supports the community. A portion of the sales tax charged to the customer is directed back to the local economy, funding education, roads, and emergency services — aspects of our daily lives we've all come to count on. Imagine the effect we could cause if we all focus on shifting a minimum of 10% of our out-of-area or online purchases back to our local economy — the effect would be significant.

Please join World Publishing Company as we make a very personal commitment to supporting local businesses. It's just simply the right thing to do, for all of us.

Rufus Woods
Third Generation Owner, World Publishing Company

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